While iSTORM New Media has committed to a base line funding contribution, a number of goods and services are still needed in order for us to successfully implement and carry out our productions and programs.

Some of the goods and services on our wish list:

  • donations of food and drinks for the participants, to be available at workshops and rehearsals

  • craft supplies such as construction paper, markers, paint, glue, pipe cleaners, felt, glitter, paper bags, buttons, beads, and feathers

  • construction materials for the building of our production sets

  • photo processing services

  • use of video editing equipment

  • assisted listening devices for the use of our hearing-impaired patrons and participants

If you are interested in making a donation to the iSTORM Children's Theatre Company, please contact Kirsi via email or phone #(613) 384-5031. Any monetary or in-kind donations would be happily welcomed and greatly appreciated.

ISTORM Children's Theatre Company