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We depend upon volunteer performers, directors, technicians, and designers for the success of our theatre productions. We would like to recognize and thank these friends for their hard work and sunny smiles.

The Polar Express

Ainsley Dicks
Bob Darwish
Charlotte Bancroft
Colin Green
Karen Lehtovaara
Lori Klimczak
Richard Damianopoulos

The Cast and Crew of New Canadian Kid, May 2001

Director - Kirsi Rossborough
Nick - Andrew Sacret
Mench - Karen Lehtovaara
Mog - Ian Griffiths
Mother - Sarah Gibson-Bray

Our Young Actors - Aiden Scott, Aminah Ahmad, Faroukh Ahmad, Henri McGuire, Jesse Patterson, Jo-Ann Donovan, Melissa Donovan, Sam Menard, Selena Martin, Sereana Lindsay, Stephen Walker

Young Actors Program director - Karen Lehtovaara
YAP assistant directors - Jessi Linn Taylor and Tara Hambly
Production Apprenticeship Program director - Amanda Lennox
PAP assistant directors - Alexis Dobranowski and Robin Attas
Stage Manager - Beau Schwartz
Lighting Designer - Lisa Raposo
Lighting Crew - Hyung Song
Head Carpenter - Rory Sweeting
Head of Props and Costumes - Blanka Koscielewski
Singer - Emma McGuire
Musicians - Patrick Turner and Rory Sweeting
Set Designer - Patrick Turner
Publicist - Sarah Sterns
Front of House manager - Laura Quesnel
Poster Designer - Patrick Turner
Program Designer - Barret Ruttan
Photography - Colin Billinghurst and Patrick Turner
Production Support - Bob Nicoll and David Rossborough

The Cast and Crew of Not So Dumb, November 2001

Binnie - Jessi Linn Taylor
Rocky - Shea Stokes
Victor - Graham Kosakoski

Our Young Actors - Aminah Ahmad, Faroukh Ahmad, Chloe Sinclair, Hillary Jackson, Victoria Holland, Sam Menard, Connor Patterson, Jesse Patterson, Justin Roy

Producer/Director/Set Design - Kirsi Rossborough
Stage Manager - Nichola Mackay
Asst. Stage Manager - Laura Pancham
Young Actors Co-director - Alexis Dobranowski
Young Actors Co-director - Jessi Linn Taylor
Young Actors Co-director - Karen Lehtovaara
Technical Director - Kizzie Sutton
Head Carpenter - Nicholas Hanson
Set Construction Crew - John Moore, David Rossborough
Head of Props and Costumes - Simon Cheung
Props/Costumes Crew - Drew Mitchell, Nada Humsi
Lighting Designer - Aislinn Ritchie
Lighting Crew - Sarah Anderson, Jennifer Levin, Robin Attas
Head of Publicity - David Rossborough
Front of House Manager - Laura Quesnel
Music Coordinator - Robin Attas
Musicians - Elizabeth Spear, Erin Kirby
Poster Design - Leanne Sagriff
Program Design - Tracy John

The Cast and Crew of Out of the Spotlight, March 2002

Tommy - David Stephens
Roxy - Jessi Linn Taylor
Alexandria - Nadia Affolter
Cindy - Katie Lister
Synergy - Martha Pitts
Lil' D - Luke Davies

Producer/Set Design - Kirsi Rossborough
Lighting Design - Nichola Mackay
Publicity - Karen Lehtovaara
Poster/Program Design - Aminah Ahmad, Faroukh Ahmad, Tracy John
K-Town Logo Design - Leanne Sagriff
Music - Adam King, David Rossborough
Set Crew - John Moore, David Rossborough, Laura Quesnel, Kyle Hodgson, Tracy John

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