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"Working with the iSTORM Children's Theatre Company has been a very positive experience for me. As someone who has a great interest in developing children into socially aware citizens, I am pleased with the accomplishments of the Young Actors' program in which I play a facilitating role. We are teaching kids how to use their creativity to work together and create something powerful. We don't just create plays; we foster self-confidence in our community of young actors. It has been so rewarding for me to be a part of a program that really gives children credit for being intelligent, creative, and socially-active individuals. I've seen kids come out of their shells and feel pride in their abilities that may not have been previously recognized as useful. And plus, I get to play all afternoon! It's great!!"

Jessi Linn Taylor, volunteer

"The Young Actors Program was a tremendous confidence booster for Henry, who aspires to be a dancer and actor. The supportive contact with older actors was the best part."

Sandra McGuire, Parent

"I count my experiences as a volunteer for iSTORM Children's Theatre Company as among the greatest in my life. To see the kids come into rehearsal on the first day shy and uncertain and to watch them leave more confident, having discovered they are filled with wonderful ideas and having made wonderful friends, is a reward beyond measure. Not only are we having fun, but we are also learning about drama and about life."

Karen Lehtovaara, volunteer

"I loved watching my children realized that hard work and commitment would reward them with the pride of accomplishment."

Tracy John, Parent

"My brother and I wanted to join the iSTORM Children's Theatre Company because we both wanted to meet some new people, interact, learn, and just have FUN!!"

Aminah Ahmad, age 11

"I am extremely proud of the creativity and integrity with which our young actors have gone through. I am honoured to be a part of such a program that uses creative energy to empower young people and infuse them (and myself) with a sense of accomplishment and joy in creating and producing accessible theatre!"

Alexis Dobranowski, volunteer

Working with iSTORM was a great experience. I met wonderfully smart and funny people and, while having loads of fun, got to communicate important issues that kids are concerned about.

David Stephens, actor in Out of the Spotlight

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