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We believe that drama skills are life skills.
As participants in our drama programs, children develop:

  • imagination
  • independent and critical thinking
  • communication skills
  • confidence
  • self-discipline
  • problem-solving abilities
  • creativity
  • teamwork and collaborative skills
  • a base of theatre knowledge
  • a life-long love of the arts

These are skills that follow children into the classroom and out into the world.

We seek to establish a safe, welcoming, and creatively stimulating working environment that highlights the discovery of self and new friends.

  • Children do not need to have drama experience to participate in our programs. Indeed, we are hoping to provide this experience. We are looking for kids who would benefit from our programs, who have thoughts about theatre (and the themes of the play if it is a production-associated program), who have rich imaginations, are attentive and cooperative, and who are respectful of rules and all people.

  • The programs are free or of minimal cost, sometimes just to cover the cost of snacks or materials. We feel strongly that all children should be able to participate despite economic situation. Minimal cost does not, however, mean minimal commitment, as we require that the child and family commit to the whole process.

  • We offer programs for all ages but usually set a strict age guideline for any given program.

  • Some programs, especially those with limited space, require prospective participants to attend a drama games workshop. This hour-long session of fun drama activities acts as an informal audition process, giving us an opportunity to get to know your child, find out about their interests, and assess if they have the positive attitude appropriate for our programs.

  • Each child participant receives a certificate in recognition of his or her hard work. Everyone involved in a production-associated program has a photograph and biography displayed in the lobby, and their name listed in the program.
ISTORM Children's Theatre Company