Our Mission

The iSTORM Children's Theatre Company is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation of theatre experiences for the young people of Kingston. We are a group of kids-at-heart who wish to share our love of theatre with children, and offer them opportunities for self-discovery, expression, and exchange.

To achieve our mission, the iSTORM Children's Theatre Company will:

  • produce engaging and entertaining theatre that reflects issues and stories relevant to the young people of Kingston

  • seek the direct involvement of Kingston's young people in the creation of theatre

  • provide a variety of performances aimed at specific age groups, about their specific worlds

  • select writers with lively, unique voices that speak to the needs and realities of Kingston's young people

  • create and develop new work

  • serve a culturally-, socially-, and ethnically- diverse audience

  • establish a safe, welcoming, and stimulating working environment for our participants

  • respect the perceptions and intelligences of our participants and audiences

  • pursue eventual expansion of programming into the other arts, including music and visual arts

  • make connections with other Kingston area organizations, pulling together a web of programs and resources for our community's young people

  • remain accessible and affordable to all with such efforts as providing wheelchair accessibility, American Sign Language interpretation, and financial assistance
ISTORM Children's Theatre Company