Our Vision

We are excited about our future and full of ideas about where we would like to take our organization after its first successful year. In addition to our drama programs and adult-acted productions, we hope to expand to do full-length child-performed productions. We would also like to become strongly focused upon creating new dramatic material for and with the community.

We aim to secure our own large office and rehearsal space, a home for us, in Kingston's downtown core. We also dream of having our own theatre space, somewhere children can come to participate in a regular schedule of children's theatre workshops and productions.

Our goal is to build a charitable community arts organization of which the iSTORM Children's Theatre Company is only one part. We hope to build affiliate not-for-profit programs committed to sharing the joys of the visual arts, music, and other arts with our community's children.

We have a number of different ideas for future projects. These include:

  • a one-actor storytelling circuit of area schools and community centers

  • a show created by high school students, about life at high school, and
    presented to incoming grade nine students

  • a mother's/father's day show created by children about childhood and living
    with (or without) parents

  • more theatre arts programs for hospitalized children

  • a research and dramatization project, with school-aged children, about the
    settlement of Kingston in 1673

  • a program through which high school students create productions focusing on
    healthy living issues (i.e. drug abuse, AIDS), and present them at area schools,
    followed by workshops with the children, about the issue, facilitated by the actors

  • a drama-fun summer camp

  • a silent black light show about racism

These are only a handful of the many ideas we have for creating enriching and relevant theatre experiences for the young people of Kingston.

ISTORM Children's Theatre Company